How Can CBD Help You Achieve Your Self-Care Goals?

Millennials have embraced different self-care habits, and Gen Z is following the trend, that too aggressively and differently. The United States adults consider many activities as a part of their self-care routine. This includes long showers, exercising, skincare routines, listening to music, flossing or brushing, walking, watching TV, reading, meditating, and more.

There is always room for improvement in everything, and self care is not an exception. CBD for self care can fill that room of betterment with its plethora of advantages.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabis sativa plant extract. It is famed for many benefits, including pain management, skin and hair improvement, anxiety and stress relief, and much more.

If you are curious about CBD for self care, read this blog to know everything surrounding it.

What self care really means?

This hyped and popularized term means to take care of your nutritional, emotional, physical, and spiritual requirements as a whole. It also involves finding time to do things that make you happy and calm. 

However, self care goes beyond treating yourself with spa or movie nights. It is a constant process of proactively considering your needs and tending to them to maintain your wellness.

Why is self care important?

Self care allows you to develop and nourish a healthy relationship with yourself. This way, you can transmit positive feelings to surrounding people. Practicing self care does not equal being selfish or choosing yourself over others. It just means that you are mindful of your needs so that you can support other people in a better way.

Many studies prove that engaging in a self care regimen decreases depression, anxiety, frustration, anger, and stress. Furthermore, it improves focus, increases happiness, and boosts energy. These are the major reasons why CBD is a game-changer for self care.

How can you add CBD into your self care toolkit?

  • Use CBD pain relief rub after a workout

Physical exercise often leads to inflammation or muscle soreness. CBD pain relief rub can be your savior in this condition. Apply it to the affected area and get relief from stiffness, soreness, joint pain, and muscle tension.

  • Create a CBD skincare routine

32% of people consider doing a skincare routine as an important aspect of self care. People have started taking serious care of their skin, and social media has boosted this concern.

You can enhance your skincare with CBD-infused products. You do not have to make sure that every skin product you use has CBD in it. Adding one or two CBD-infused skin products will do wonders. Explore our skincare range made using hemp-derived and high-quality CBD.

  • Take CBD softgel capsules during stress

Anxiety and stress can be overwhelming, especially when you have to focus on a task. In such conditions, you can take a CBD softgel capsule and experience calming effects.

Many researches have shown that CBD is an effective remedy for stress and anxiety. It can help tone down your bouts of anxiety, and you can navigate tough situations with peace of mind.

  • Take CBD tincture before reading

Reading is another self care activity many people love. 30% of people, to be precise. However, this hustling era has everyone's mind racing with thoughts. If you also struggle to maintain focus, go to a silent spot, try to leave your phone in another room, and use comfortable sitting. Then, put a few drops of CBD tincture under your tongue.

CBD tincture can show faster effects and help improve mood, relieve stress, and increase concentration, enhancing your reading experience.

  • Pop a CBD gummy candy before sleeping

A good night’s sleep is a NECESSITY for overall well-being. However, 50 to 70 million US adults suffer from sleep disorders. You can benefit from CBD gummy candy we have specially developed to help you sleep better. Just chew a gummy 15 minutes before bedtime and doze off easily.

Self care with Sultan CBD!

The first step in creating an effective self care routine is to identify your bodily and mental needs. This will help you create a practical plan and easily incorporate CBD products into your routine.

Find high-quality CBD products at our store. We provide a wide range of products to suit your specific needs. Whether you need a CBD gummy candy or pain relief rub, you can get everything you need. Visit our store now!


1. Will I get ‘high’ after consuming CBD?

No, CBD will not cause you high. The psychoactive chemical present in the cannabis plant is THC. In the USA it is highly regulated and any product cannot have more than 0.3% of THC.

2. Is CBD addictive?

Studies have not found any potential withdrawal, dependence, tolerance, or addiction of CBD. So, as long as you buy from a reputed brand that provides third-party lab-tested and certified products, CBD for self care is safe.

3. How much CBD should I consume in one go?

There is no standard dosage of CBD that you should take care of. You should read product labels before consuming any product. If you are still unsure, start slow and gradually increase your CBD intake. Also, you can consult your healthcare provider for better guidance.

4. When should you avoid CBD?

As long as you are not suffering from any serious illness, taking CBD is safe. However, consult your healthcare provider if you have glaucoma, liver disease, or any other specific illness.

5. How does CBD work?

CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors of Endocannabinoid System (ECS). ECS is present in our body and controls numerous functions, like appetite, pain, memory, emotions, immune system, and other functions. CBD interacts with the system and recreates balance.

6. Can CBD replace medications?

It is essential to note that CBD is not a prescribed drug and hence, cannot replace your medications. CBD is not an alternative to any medication, but helps enhance the positive effects in your body. However, you should consult your healthcare provider for better guidance.

7.  Are CBD products vegan friendly?

We provide many vegan-friendly CBD products to suit your specific needs. You can check our website and explore all the products to choose the right one based on your requirements.

8. Should I take CBD regularly or as needed?

There is no thumb rule on the frequency of taking CBD products. Generally, the dosage is mentioned on the product label. But if you are still unsure, consult your healthcare provider.