Is CBD Effective In Managing Seizures in Dogs?

Simple signs of a seizure in dogs include gazing, appearing confused, whimpering, twitching, jerkiness, heavy breathing, or extremely fast eye movements. In addition, the symptoms might be unbearably severe, causing tremors, uncontrolled fits, and even unconsciousness. Witnessing your cherished canine companion undergo a seizure can be a terrifying event. 

After years of widespread media coverage of the benefits of CBD products for adults and children with epilepsy and seizures, there has been a renewed interest in the potential benefits of this CBD pet care product for our dogs with similar conditions.

But is CBD effective in treating seizures in dogs? This blog has all the information you need to know to manage your dog's seizures using CBD pet care products.

What is CBD, and why is it so popular?

Unlike delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the second main active element in cannabis, CBD does not have a psychoactive effect. In fact, data from both people and laboratory animals indicates that products like CBD pet drops and treats could be helpful in veterinary care. 

CBD gained popularity due to its ability to give cannabis advantages without causing intoxication. Although the substance has been used for ages, it was only accessible as an extract or supplement until recently.

What causes seizures in dogs?

Seizures can have two different causes: extracranial and intracranial.

  • Even though extracranial causes of seizures come from different parts of the body, they can still impact the dog's brain and trigger seizures. The most often extracranial causes are liver illness, hypothyroidism, hyperthermia, hypoglycemia, hypocalcemia, and ingested toxins, including chocolate and coffee.
  • Disorders that result in anatomical or functional alterations within the dog's brain are known as intracranial causes of seizures. Generic epilepsy, brain trauma, tumors, malnutrition, autoimmune illnesses, and infectious diseases, including rabies and canine distemper virus (CDV), are the most common intracranial causes.

Apart from them, other causes include the following:

  • Eating poison
  • Kidney disease
  • Head injury
  • Brain cancer
  • Anemia
  • Strokes
  • Electrolyte problems

How does CBD work to reduce seizures?

The endocannabinoid system, a web of several receptors that control bodily processes, is present in all animals. The body produces endocannabinoids as needed to preserve homeostasis or a steady internal environment. When an illness like a seizure disrupts homeostasis, these internal systems are unable to meet the body's demands. Taking hemp supplements, which are high in phytocannabinoids, can help in reestablishing equilibrium.

Two different types of endocannabinoid receptors have been identified: 

  • CB1 receptors: Located in the brain, neurological system, glands, and organs
  • CB2 receptors: Primarily found in immune system regulatory cells. 

CBD products help both kinds of people, but their interactions with CB1 receptors give them the power to regulate seizures and quiet hyperactive neurons.

Is CBD safe for dogs with seizures?

Since high-quality CBD from reputable and the best CBD store like Sultan CBD is typically safe for dogs, the field of veterinary medicine is beginning to recognize the potential of CBD as a viable therapy option for seizures in dogs.

In a noteworthy study, Colorado State University researchers discovered that 89% of dogs in a clinical trial receiving CBD experienced fewer seizures regularly.

However, the growing popularity of CBD in pet health emphasizes the value of taking a well-rounded approach. Consultation with a veterinarian is essential prior to adding any drug or supplement to your pet's routine.

Other health benefits of CBD for dogs

  • Reduce anxiety

It is normal for dogs to feel anxious and stressed. According to studies, CBD works with the body's natural endocannabinoid system to increase the creation of serotonin, which balances your dog's mood and reduces anxiety. This reduces the symptoms of anxiety in both people and dogs.


When combined with frequent exercise, an abundance of chew toys, a regular daily schedule, and a balanced diet, CBD pet treats for dogs and cats, oil drops, or pills can be quite effective in calming a nervous dog.

  • Ease joint pain

Your veterinarian may recommend painkillers if your dog suffers joint pain. However, these painkillers might deteriorate soft tissues and joints. Moreover, they may harm your dog's liver and kidneys. They are also not very effective.

As a natural anti-inflammatory, CBD has less potential for negative effects than medications. In fact, dogs using CBD for arthritis reported less discomfort and more activity, according to Cornell University researchers.

  • Reduce inflammation

Inflammation can result from illnesses like arthritis in many bodily regions of your pet. In this case, CBD can be quite helpful since it helps reduce stiffness, swelling, and inflammation.

  • Improve skin health

Your dog may have dry skin, a rash, or an allergy if they often scratch or roll about. Your dog's skin barrier may deteriorate and lead to microdermabrasion as a result of persistent scratching.

CBD can help stop your dog from scratching unintentionally and escalating their irritation by lowering stress and skin inflammation. It is also a good idea to make an appointment with your veterinarian to have your dog examined if they start scratching more frequently than normal or have a rash or illness.

  • Help manage allergies

Dog allergies are becoming more common. They're also challenging to treat. Thus, allergies are regrettably a common cause of dog euthanasia. General skin disorders are among the most common causes of veterinarian visits.

The good news for dogs that suffer from allergies is that the endocannabinoid system is also present in the skin. For allergies, you can provide CBD pet drops orally or apply CBD topically to hot spots. 

End Note!

It may be quite difficult to navigate the world of pet health, particularly when our animal friends have health issues like seizures. As CBD has long been associated with health advantages, it has become a potential remedy.

As we have seen, safety and advice must come first, even when early data is hopeful. Before changing your pet's routine, always select premium CBD pet care products from Sultan CBD that are designed specifically for dogs and get advice from a veterinarian. Making educated choices supported by research and professional guidance is the first step in our effort to care for our dogs.