Pet CBD vs. Human CBD: What's the Difference?

With the rising popularity of CBD or cannabidiol, more and more people are incorporating this natural compound as a part of their wellness routines. But can you give CBD products to your furry friend?

It's reported that there are approximately 90 million dogs in the United States, with over 70% of households having at least one dog. Everyone loves their pets and wants them to live healthily for as long as possible. Many people have even discovered the health benefits of cbd pet drops or other pet CBD, and they want their furry companions to enjoy the compound's perks.

While you can get human CBD and pet CBD, there is a difference between these two that you should know for their best usage. In this article, you will uncover the difference between pet and human CBD. Let's get started!

How Does the Endocannabinoid System Work in Animals?

Almost all animals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), including mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, mussels, and sea urchins. This complex system is made of receptors and certain physiological compounds in the body, helping to keep the body in a state of homeostasis. The ECS is responsible for many bodily processes and functions, such as dealing with pain and inflammation, regulating mood and emotions, promoting digestion, and improving sleep and appetite.

The human CBD and pet CBD activate the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. CB1 receptors are found in an individual's central nervous system, and CB2 receptors are in the tissues. CBD inhibits the enzymes that affect these receptors, promoting relaxation and improving mood.

CBD for Pets: What are the Trends and Statistics?

The popularity of CBD for pets is rising faster than that of CBD for humans. In 2021, the CBD pet products sales were approximately $629 million, almost 50% more than in 2020.

While cats and horses also use CBD products, most purchases (77%) were by dog's pet owners. Moreover, the market for CBD products for pets is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 12% from 2017-2027.

Knowing the Difference Between Pet CBD and Human CBD

If you and your pet are using hemp derived CBD products to promote health, read on to find the difference between pet and human CBD for better usage:

Potency and dosage

You should know that dogs and humans need different amounts of CBD. Most dogs are smaller than human beings, and thus, they shouldn't be given the dosage meant for humans. CBD products for pets will be less potent than a dose of human CBD products formulated for an average-sized adult.

THC content

THC can be toxic to pets if given in high amounts. Most CBD products are formulated using a maximum of 0.03% THC as regulated by the 2018 Farm Bill. Although this trace amount is researched to not cause any psychoactive effects in normal doses on human beings and pets, it's ideal for pet owners to opt for zero-THC products for peace of mind.

Formula and flavor

Usually, CBD products for pets are available in a wide array of flavors. For example, CBD pet treats for dogs, which is a common way for dogs to administer CBD, are often flavored with beef, peanut butter, or bacon.

Is CBD Safe for Pets?

It's entirely safe to give your dogs CBD products specifically formulated for pets. You must follow the dosage instructions and consult your veterinarian for sage usage. Millions of pet owners are incorporating CBD into their pets' wellness routine to maintain their health for a longer time.

You should always invest in high-quality CBD products and get them from trusted sources whose products provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA). This certificate verifies that the CBD product has undergone third-party testing to determine its potency, purity, and THC levels.

Now that THC is toxic to animals when given in high doses, any cross-contamination that could lead to increased THC levels can harm your furry companion. Therefore, you must make sure to check the CBD product's ingredient list to know the THC percentage. Buy the product having 0.03% THC or zero THC.

In addition, you should monitor your pet for any side effects after administering CBD, such as changes in appetite, drowsiness, or dry mouth. Although these side effects are rare, they could indicate that your four-legged friend might not be the best candidate to use CBD products.

Is it Possible to Give Pets Human CBD Products?

You might wonder if the CBD hemp oil softgel is the same no matter the product; why not give your dog the same softgel capsule you take?

There are many important reasons to stick with pet CBD products and not human ones for your furry companion. Let's take a closer look:


Many edible CBD products explicitly formulated for humans contain certain additives that might not be safe for pets. For instance, some human CBD products include xylitol, which is highly toxic for pets. It's recommended to buy CBD products that are specifically made for pets as they will contain the ingredients that are safe for your pup.


While it's not a safety concern, you should know that CBD products for pets and humans are flavored differently. While human gummies CBD are often fruit-flavored, pet CBD treats are usually mixed with meaty ingredients.


CBD products for humans and pets will have labels specifying different guidelines on how it's intended to be used for humans and pets, respectively. For instance, a CBD oil formulated for pets will have a different CBD concentration than a product formulated for humans. So, it's not safe to assume that you can give your four-legged friend the same number of CBD oil drops as you.

CBD for Pets: Capsules, Liquid, or Treats?

CBD for pets is available in various forms and can be administered differently. It can include capsules, liquid CBD drops, or CBD pet treats for dogs.

Let's take a closer look at different forms of CBD for pets:

  • Liquid CBD oil: These products are easier to give to pets and work quickly. Now that CBD oil metabolizes rapidly, you can give it to your pet multiple times daily, depending on label specifications.
  • Treats: Treats are flavored and, thus, are super tasty and easy to administer to your hungry pup.
  • Capsules: You can give the CBD capsules directly to your pet or open them to mix the contents into your pup's food.

To wrap up!

Humans don't have the same body, internal systems, and metabolism as pets. So, it's better to be safe than sorry and consume CBD products meant for humans and give your pup CBD products intended for pets. Furthermore, always buy high-quality, certified hemp derived CBD products and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for the safe administration of CBD to your pets.