Winter Survival Guide: 6 Tips to Stay Healthy and Happy

With its combination of exciting and depressing qualities, winter presents an incredibly fascinating conundrum. Love it or hate it, the season and its less-than-magical baggage are here to stay for a little longer.

As the season advances and the temperature drops, a lot of individuals can have "off" feelings.

If winter is worrying you, here are some healthy tips for winter on how to embrace the season and maximize the days that lie ahead by looking after your mind, body, and soul.

Why should you take better care of your health in winter?

When the outdoor temperature drops, our bodies have to work more to keep ourselves warm. This leads to overwork for our immune system, too. As a result, we become more susceptible to diseases like respiratory infections. Furthermore, cold air has a tendency to be dry, which dries out the respiratory system's membranes and facilitates viral entry. 

The shorter daylight hours and colder weather may cause you to spend more time indoors rather than outside. So, because of the decreased sun exposure, you may not be getting enough vitamin D, which is crucial for immune system support.

Understanding the difficulties brought on by the approaching winter and becoming more aware of our lifestyle choices can help us stay healthy. So, let's explore some effective tips that will help you navigate the winter healthily.

How to stay healthy during winter?

  • Stay active

We understand that getting up from your cozy bed is tougher in the winter. Even though it might be challenging in the cold, physical activity is still vital. Your body temperature will rise with even a mild exertion, as will your heart rate, blood flow, and energy levels. If you do not have the energy and courage to get out of bed, try taking CBD softgel capsules. They will energize your body and pump you up for the day.

Make sure you wear enough layers if you are working out outdoors. After your workout, take care of yourself and make an effort to keep warm. Wet garments have the potential to make you feel much colder and increase your risk of becoming sick due to evaporative cooling.

If being outside is not an option, consider including calisthenics or power yoga in your training regimen at home. These sessions last around an hour. You can also buy a treadmill or exercise bike if you want to routinely work out in the warmth and comfort of your own home.

  • Strengthen your immune system

Wintertime brings with it an increased risk of colds and viruses for many of us. In light of this, be warned so that you are prepared! Make large quantities of homemade broths, soups, and stews as a way to include more veggies (and antioxidants) in your diet and save yourself from having to cook when you are too exhausted. 

Also, try to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables to help you obtain the immune-boosting nutrients you need at this time of year. You can also add organic CBD gummies to your routine for a tasty immune boost.

  • Show some TLC to your skin

In the winter, dry, cracked skin can be bothersome. Chapped lips, cracked heels, and dry, itchy skin are all symptoms of cold weather damage. You can tackle this problem by using a cream moisturizer and drinking lots of water. 

For best results, use moisturizers on a daily basis. Maintaining the texture of your skin during the winter requires a rigorous skincare regimen. Winter creams, serums, and moisturizers are essential.

  • Soak in the sun

This is one of the most vital healthy tips for winter. Studies indicate that sunlight, or the absence of it, has a significant impact on our emotions. A depression type known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is more common in areas of the world where there is less sunshine, usually in the fall or winter. 

The solution is very simple. Let some sunlight in by opening your blinds and drapes! Studies have linked sunshine to serotonin, a hormone that influences every part of your body and stabilizes mood. For this reason, one typical course of treatment for SAD is light therapy.

  • Hydrate yourself

Numerous bodily processes, such as regulating body temperature, eliminating waste, preserving skin hydration, and lubricating joints, depend on proper hydration. Low humidity in the winter means dry air, which can promote dehydration in the body. Dry air can also occur from home heating, which increases the risk of dehydration.

So, drink enough water to keep your body temperature steady in the winter. The body might experience dangerously low core temperatures due to a lack of fluid. Low body temperature can weaken immunity and cause dull skin.

Experts advise consuming eight to ten glasses of water each day. To stay hydrated, one can also drink herbal tea, infused fruit water, coconut water, green tea, and lemon tea. You can also take organic CBD gummies for an additional boost to your health.

  • Control your alcohol intake

While you increase your water consumption, your alcohol intake should decrease. It is easy and compelling to feel warm from the inside by opening a great, rich bottle of red wine to go with your big winter supper. Plus, sipping a hot toddy while warming up by the fire is quite festive. 

However, you should keep your alcohol intake in check even if you are not happy due to the lowering temperatures, stressed out over the holidays, or just plain chilly. No matter the season, drinking too much alcohol is never healthy.

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