CBD & Mindfulness: The Keys To Overall Well-Being

Mindfulness: a pretty simple word but equally difficult to practice. Mindfulness suggests that your mind is completely focused on what is happening around you, what you are doing, and the space you are moving through. Simply put, it is being present in the current moment.

How very simple isn't it? Well, we often go off course from the matter at hand. Our mind flies away, we drop the touch with the body, and soon, we are engulfed in obsessive thoughts about the past or future. This ultimately makes us anxious.

But no matter how far we wander, mindfulness is right there to smack us back at the present moment. Practicing mindfulness is difficult, but it can become a bit easier with some help. CBD comes as a savior to give you a leg up. It is derived from the cannabis plant and works as a non-psychoactive, health-improving substance. You can combine CBD and mindful eating, CBD and mindful listening, and more.

This blog explores everything you need to know about CBD and mindfulness. Keep reading to know more.

What are the benefits of mindfulness?

  • Less rumination

Rumination is obsessive thinking of an idea, choice, or situation when it intervenes with normal mental functioning. Many studies have shown that practicing mindfulness reduces rumination.

Rumination can significantly distress people with ADHD, but studies have demonstrated that mindfulness can be effective in reducing rumination.

  • Decreased depression

Depression plagues many people these days. 21 million US adults and 2.5 million youth suffer from depression. Depression leads to unhappy days in people's lives and can also lead to suicide if it is severe.

Mindfulness is lauded for providing one of the significant benefits that is: it can help relieve the symptoms of depression. Moreover, it can prevent them from recurring in the future.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) combines Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It is a short therapy that goes on around eight weeks and consists of group sessions with mindfulness exercises.

  • Reduced unwanted cravings

Mindfulness practices have been proven to alleviate the strong need for something and/or obsessive disorders, which becomes even better when complemented by other forms of treatment such as psychotherapy. 

In one analysis, mindfulness-based interventions were found to significantly reduce drug and alcohol use as well as relapse rates among individuals diagnosed with Substance Use Disorders (SUDs). Meanwhile, mindfulness is directly associated with stress reduction, improved mood, and lowering drug cravings.

In addition to influencing mood, some mental illnesses can lead to poor eating habits, but practicing mindfulness and being aware of How CBD can make you hungry, will assist in helping you manage your appetite. CBD is a natural essence that can assist you to help control your cravings because they are natural ingredients and not chemicals, besides helping fight insomnia. 

  • Improved ability to deal with illness

Cancer patients and other individuals with chronic or possibly fatal illnesses are highly investigated groups regarding mindfulness to know its impact on them.

Although mindfulness might not completely eliminate their symptoms, it can help make them easier to control.

  • Increased body satisfaction

Body dissatisfaction is one of the major problems people face, especially women. In a study, a few women were divided into a control group and a meditation intervention group. Women in the meditation intervention group received 3 weeks of self-compassion meditation training. 

When women of the two groups were compared, the meditation intervention group experienced slightly more reduction in body dissatisfaction and body shame.

How do mindfulness and CBD work together?

Combining mindfulness techniques with CBD products like hemp oil softgel, gummies, or tinctures brings a synergistic effect to the table that increases the effectiveness of both. CBD allows you to relax and help you slowly go into a mindful state which is full of peace. 

Here's how CBD can enhance your practice of mindfulness:

  • Improves focus and clarity

If you are not from a distant place, CBD is already known for its calming properties. Moreover, it is one of the most commonly known benefits of CBD and has been proven in many studies. 

As a result, it becomes easier for you to immerse yourself in mindfulness practices. Whether you are meditating, enjoying a quiet walk, or doing deep-breathing exercises, taking a CBD product before starting your task of enjoying a quiet walk or doing deep-breathing exercises helps you get rid of the clutter in your mind.

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  • Reduces physical discomfort

In order to incorporate walking into your mindful routine, one barrier is that the discomfort you have limits you from making it a part of your daily life. However, CBD may be helpful in addressing pain and inflammation given its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. 

  • Helps you sleep better

Good sleep is foundational to overall health, and some of the root causes of sleeplessness are tension, anxiety, chronic pain, and restlessness. Products like Organic CBD Gummies or Thc gummies for sleep address all of those issues by interacting with the Endocannabinoid System in the body. Thus, when you sleep better, you live better.

  • Alleviates stress and anxiety

One of the obstacles that often make it impossible for people to achieve a mindful state is anxiety and stress. However, CBD is a substance that can calm down your nervous system and have anxiolytic effects, so as a result, your anxiety and stress can be reduced. And the brain that has been freed from their claws can function better in a working environment.

Tips for incorporating CBD into your mindfulness routine

  • Create a mindful morning routine

Your morning routine largely depends on your lifestyle, but if you want to practice mindful activities, you should wake up 30 minutes before your usual wake-up time. Also, you have to stop checking your phone as soon as you wake up. All those emails, messages, and social media updates can wait. 

Now, take CBD products like delta 8 thc tincture (for faster action) before starting your mindful practice. However, if you decide to take other forms of CBD, like gummies, you have to take it before an hour, as it is slower to show results.

  • Mindful eating

Savor every bite of your meal and pay attention to its aromas, textures, and nutritional value to cultivate mindful eating. To improve your general wellness regimen, include CBD edibles with your meals.

The endocannabinoid system's interaction with CBD can influence hunger control. CBD and mindful eating can help sustain a more balanced appetite rather than causing compulsive hunger, enabling people to pay attention to their bodies' natural hunger and fullness signals.

  • Mindful movement

Even a short daily stroll of 15 to 20 minutes can significantly impact your physical and emotional well-being, even if finding the time to walk can be challenging, given your busy schedule.

You can carry a gummy or take CBD tinctures before your stroll. Even while the gummy will not start working immediately, combining mindfulness with CBD is still a fantastic method.

Final word!

When combined, CBD and mindfulness can be highly effective strategies for enhancing both your physical and emotional health. Check out our all-natural CBD hemp products if you are prepared to use CBD with the mindfulness exercises discussed above. Sultan CBD offers 15+ options to pick from, including softgels, gummies, and other products.